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Schedule for STUDENTS

Schedule for ACADEMICS


Programme of activities:

Day 1: Sunday, 19 April
Arrival in Katowice, check-in at the hotel

Day 2: Monday, 20 April
Official opening of the conference
Information & workshops
Project shopping
Global Village

Day 3: Tuesday, 21 April
Projects' preparation
Final presentations delivered to host university
For Academics - possibility to attend sessions of the European Economic Congress (registration required)

Day 4: Wednesday, 22 April
Presenting projects to the judging panel
Attending fellow students' presentations

Day 5: Thursday, 23 April  
Presentnig projects to the judging panel - ctd
Attending fellow students' presentations
Trip to Kraków (optional - registration required)

Day 6: Friday, 24 April
Sightseeing possibility (optional - registration required)
Closing ceremony: presentation of certificates and awards

Day 7: Saturday, 25 April